The ATT uverse provides the triple services of high-speed internet service, cable service as well as residential services bundled into a single service for the users. It was launched by the American Telephone & Telegraph Incorporated, which is usually shortened to AT&T Inc. and is based in Downtown Dallas in was launched with the aim of providing high quality wireless internet service and high definition television channels at affordable prices. It is also the largest provider of telephony services in the United States and bundles the landline phone service with the other two. It employs thousands across the entire country and has a really strong and dedicated ATT uverse customer service. The ATT uverse is a win-win combination of blazingly fast speed internet connection, high definition television channels and home phone service that the user can avail over the same bandwidth. Thus, this ATT uverse service is a perfect combination of smooth connectivity and high quality entertainment for your home. The users can choose from a number of bundles provided by the ATT uverse customer service for maximum savings in their monthly bills, which provide perfectly suited plans for each household.

The users for the ATT uverse service can choose from a large number of bundle plans that perfectly suite their needs and go easy on their pockets as well. The users can choose from the high definition TV plan, the internet usage plan, the fixed phone plan, or you can go for a bundle plan consisting of two out of three of these services or you can even opt for the complete package if you wish so. The ATT uverse customer service will always provide you with help and guidance so that you can choose the plan best suited for your needs. The user will be spoilt for choices with more than a hundred high definition television channels catering to a wide array of genres including general entertainment, news, sports or adventure etc. in digital clarity. You can also record up to four channels at a single time with the help of the Digital Video Recording device so that you can enjoy your favorite programs according to a time convenient to you and never miss them.

The ATT uverse also offers enormous bandwidth of up to 24 Mbps and ensuring that you enjoy and download whatever songs or videos you wish to at a lightning speed. Now you can connect to the internet using the largest number hotspots being offered by a secure Wi-Fi network. This along with the fixed phone service is the best of all the three essential services. The ATT uverse also helps the customers in making savings over their monthly bills by providing promotional coupons and money back schemes through their reward system that are available at the various centers providing ATT uverse customer service. Thus by subscribing to the ATT uverse you can be assured of enjoying seamless internet connectivity as well as digital quality television experience residential fixed phone service at a really attractive and affordable price.


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  1. Alda

    You have awful customer service. I have paid you , but you keep billing a uverse account for more money. My old acct. is 3132727331 and my u-verse acct is 1402018029. You sent me a bill after Dec. 26, that was dated for Nov. 29, 2014. I have spoken to rep. after Christmas whom I thought would straighten out the problem. Does anyone talk to one another? I have checks(11/28-$36.83)(12/2-$77.26) and (12/15-$81.07) to acct.#3132727331. You sent me a refund check($44.59). Why not send my monies to #140201802-9 and stop asking me to send you more money? Are you confused? The uverse operator says I now owe $99.00 for a bill that I HAVE NOT RECEIVED as of Jan. 5, 2015. Alda Ashford

  2. bob bohon

    I am trying to find my home phone and Internet bill can not find one and have not seen one in the mail,,,,please help me

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